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SeTU is keep watching activities happening in India post economic reform. India is known place on world platform for business. Every year hundreds of exhibitions, trade fairs, seminars and conferences happening to attract foreign investment.

With a billion plus population and stable political and economical situation, India is consistently growing market that attracts many foreign companies to aim India as their next destination. SeTU is providing best deal for their marketing and promotion activities to attract and assist foreign delegation in India. Same way we provide best opportunities for Indian exporters to make their International exposure at lowest price.

We can provide all advisory and liaison support to the foreign companies interested to enter in to the Indian market. Experience of serving many industries SeTU can use all its contacts to provide below support to the firms interested to explore the Indian market:


  • ·         Represent foreign companies in India for marketing, administrative and after sales support
  • ·         Market research report for the Product/Services
  • ·         Go to Market Strategy support to enter Indian Market (When, Where and Whom)
  • ·         Advisory on Government Rules and Regulations in India
  • ·         Organize prima-face visit to India to know the potential of the market for your    product/services
  • ·         All logistics and visa related support to visit India
  • ·         Organize Business 2 Business meet in India
  • ·         Provide support in Identifying joint venture opportunities in India
  • ·         Act as an agent/representative in India
  • ·         Organize road shows in India for the products/services promotion


Indian firms are interested to Explore Foreign Market

SeTU is involved in organizing professionally managed outgoing and incoming trade/business delegations. SeTU’s expertise is in doing precise Business 2 Business match making through systematic approach. Our team of experts can organize planned & structured B2B meet for potential market in the world.

Outgoing trade delegations – (i.e. India to Netherlands)

  • ·         Market research support
  • ·         Organize Business 2 Business Meet (B2B) and Brochure Display
  • ·         Networking with Chambers, Trade Asso., Agents Asso., Indian Emb. Abroad
  • ·         Organize Factory visits for Technology Study
  • ·         Logistics support to the delegates
  • ·         Provide Translator on request
  • ·         Accompanying the delegation and provide all advisory support to the delegates
  • ·         After visit follow up support and report submission


In coming trade delegation – (i.e. Netherlands to India)

  • ·         Market research for foreign trade delegate visiting India
  • ·         Organize Business 2 Business Meet (B2B) between foreign companies and Indian    companies
  • ·         Networking with Chambers, Trade Asso., Agents and other industry bodies in India
  • ·         Logistics support to the delegates throughout the stay in India
  • ·         Accompany the delegates during entire trip
  • ·         After visit follow up support and report submission